Arkhangelsk Region., Pos. Solovki, street. Zaozernaya 17a
Бронирование: +7 (911) 590-92-70
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Away from the busyness, in a quiet place of the island there is the “Solovetskaya isba” restaurant. The restaurant can fit up to 100 people, it's located in the main building of the "Solovki Hotel". It is a perfect place for lovers of good food and friendly atmosphere, who love to eat well and prefer local cuisine when travelling. For such gourmets, the restaurant opens its doors for the third time, on the first day of summer; it closes only when the last tourists leave the Solovki.

The lovely wooden tower in the middle of the forest will boggle your imagination. Walk up through the gallery and see the entrance gates with wrought-iron handles, when you're there - you will be surrounded by timbered walls and furniture that’s made in the old Pomor style. Pay attention to the interior: everything is genuine and made of wood.The internal layout and decoration of the restaurant surprisingly accurately reproduce the elegant atmosphere of the dining room. The homely atmosphere is complemented with the soft smell of coffee, cream and cranberries, plenty of air and light come from the windows, where you can see the forest and the hotel courtyard.

The restaurant's menu is intriguing. It offers traditional Russian, Pomor cuisine, exclusive Solovki foods and beverages. Here are just a few positions: refined kelp salad, boiled potatoes with dill and pickled milk mushrooms, fish broth of cod and cod liver with kelp.

During the two years of its existence, the "Solovetskaya isba" restaurant has gained popularity and excellent reputation. Famous politicians, businessmen, people of culture and art were the guests of the restaurant on the Solovki. Our guests say that the "Solovetskaya isba" is the best of all public eating places on the island.

It successfully combines following the good old traditions and the search for new solutions. The restaurant service is able to satisfy any requirements. For you we can organize barbecue parties and gala dinners in the restaurant or in the small banquet hall of the VIP building.

You can get acquainted with our menu:

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